Increase responsiveness by better connecting strategy and execution

With a unified CPG Decision-Making Platform that drives end-to-end visibility, performance, and collaboration

To maximize performance in an ever-competitive market, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies need real-time transparency of their complex operations, combined with the ability to exploit data for the fast planning and execution of new strategies. Digital transformation of planning and analytics for CPG companies plays an essential role in enabling informed decision-making, with a single platform offering a best practice approach.

Unlock the potential of your CPG data

By unifying organization-wide information with Business Intelligence, Planning, and Predictive Analytics capabilities, the Board Decision-Making Platform enables you to effectively aligns strategy, finance, and operations, unlocking CPG data insights from every CPG business process and providing an accurate foundation for analysis, planning, and forecasting.

Easily monitor performance, analyze accounts, and understand end-consumer behavior to detect trends and seize opportunities.

Plan accurately across every production stage, cascading sales goals down to operational tasks

Enhance forecasting, promotion, and price planning with predictive insights

Understand the financial impact of promotional activities and link strategy to execution

Drive efficiency and collaboration throughout every department and process

Achieve complete transparency of performance

Understand your position in real-time by combining powerful CPG analytics with a consolidated view of organization-wide data to create a central CPG Control Tower.

  • Get a holistic view of performance

    Automatically consolidate strategic, financial, and operational data from across the supply chain for complete, accurate, up-to-date visibility of KPIs and metrics in clear, visual, interactive dashboards

  • Test the impact of new HR strategies before you commit

    Perform in-depth analyses on everything from production line capacity to logistics costs, giving you complete understanding of what drives the numbers and how they contribute to strategic goals.

  • Empower teams to increase their own efficiency

    A fully customizable, self-service interface enables users to conduct their own analyses and produce their own reports, with no need to rely on IT specialists.

  • Seamlessly unify analysis with planning

    Use accurate historical performance data as the basis for plans and forecasts, helping you make an informed decision on future initiatives.

Drive digital transformation in your strategic planning

Benefit from full organizational transparency to make informed strategic decisions.

  • Accurately monitor performance in real-time

    Embedded business intelligence delivers accurate analysis of customers

  • Quickly evaluate changes to your portfolio

    Model the effect of brand acquisitions, removals, or product launches on your performance in real-time, helping you to make faster decisions on what will complement your existing range.

  • Examine the viability of new channels

    Simulate the impact of potential new channels to help decide which is likely to bring the most significant return for the business.

  • Enhance your strategic investment decisions

    See what impact investing in additional capacity or technology will have on your performance, with full visibility of associated costs across every department.

Seamlessly link finance with operations

Monitor and model the financial aspects of design and production, ensuring complete alignment with financial budgets and targets.

  • Understand the profitability of each product

    Unify financial figures with strategic and operational data, providing a rapid understanding of the profitability of each product line, from brand level down to individual SKU.

  • Quickly assess the financial impact of changes

    Simulation capabilities combined with a unified dataset make it easy to model how changes such as increased capacity or headcount will impact profitability and cost.

  • Align operational activities to financial objectives

    Understand how much capacity is needed to achieve financial targets.

  • Make light work of consolidation and lease accounting

    Consolidate your financial information and produce accurate lease accounts at the click of a button.

Upgrade your operational planning

Drive collaboration and synergy between strategic, financial, and operational planning and ensure a seamless approach throughout procurement and production.

  • Effortlessly manage strategic pricing decisions

    Produce and maintain pricing, discount lists, and sales targets for all your accounts, ensuring complete clarity and a standardized approach.

  • Create clarity over required sales volumes

    Quickly define the sales baseline with the ability to make manual adjustments and manage new product introductions.

  • Deliver more effective promotional activities

    Enable account managers to simulate uplifts in volumes while planning promotion intensity and trade investment to find the ideal mix.

  • Link corporate strategy to operational execution

    Cascade strategic goals down to financial and operational targets, ensuring your plans are designed to exceed expectations.

  • Accelerate your production planning

    Use a Rough-Cut Capacity Planning approach to enable production managers to set the production plan, aligning capacity and demand quickly.

  • Balance headcount with manufacturing requirements

    Seamless integration with HR planning enables you to better assess your workforce's needs and costs, helping you identify the right mix of FTEs and contract staff.

  • Ensure complete purchasing alignment

    A procurement plan directly derived from the production plan ensures alignment with the purchasing department and enables effective trading with suppliers.

Customer success story: Coca-Cola European Partners

Integrated, driver-based planning from production to delivery

We can immediately get a fully-fledged plan, and this is exactly the concept of bridging finance teams with their operational business partners and making them talk to each other.
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Customer success story: GSK Consumer Healthcare Italy

Streamlined sales and promotion planning

Finally, all our channel forecasts – Mass Market, Wellness & Corners, Pharma Chains, Distributors, pure e-Players, hospitals, etc. – are merged into one plan through one tool: Board.
Integrated Sales Budgeting, Forecasting, and Reporting
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