Case Study

Duvel Moortgat Group - Case Study

Enterprise Business Intelligence, Forecasting, and Planning

The Company

Duvel's futureproof core: tradition, quality and innovation

Duvel Moortgat is an independent family of brewers, headquartered in Belgium. The history of Duvel Moortgat is one of respect for tradition and family values. Today, the fourth generation of the Moortgat family watches over the legacy of founder Jan-Leonard Moortgat and his two sons, Albert and Victor.

Duvel Moortgat has breweries in Belgium, the USA, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic and sales offices worldwide. It invests constantly in people, technology and research with the aim of improving the quality and uniqueness of the beers. Duvel Moortgat’s choice of Board as their unified platform for Business Intelligence and Performance Management aligns with Duvel Moortgat’s objectives of continuous improving and innovation.


The Challenge

An all-in-one approach for a multibrand strategy: harmonizing and leveraging sales data from different sources

The constant growth and multi-brand approach of Duvel Moortgat created the increasing need for an integrated, comprehensive and agile BI and CPM solution. Karel De Backer – VP Finance & Administration Duvel Moortgat USA, explains:

“We needed to find an integrated solution to unify and harmonize budgeting, planning, forecasting and reporting processes, while making a distinction between business functions, markets and brands."

In order to gain better insights, Duvel Moortgat required a set of indicators for easily measuring and monitoring different marketplaces and empowering brand managers and sales forces with reliable dashboards that would enable them to make the best decisions. All these analytical needs had to be met within a solution able to support the sales and investment planning and forecasting, integrate with sales reporting activity and capture data on an accurate, timely basis from scattered sources that were usually not optimized for specific reporting purposes.

Since a broad set of non-technical users had to be able to review and leverage company-wide management reports, usability was a key factor to gain independence from IT and to rapidly access the information they needed to make timely decisions.


The Solution

Duvel Moortgat wants to cater to everyone’s tastes as much as Board wants to meet every users’ needs

All of this translated into the unification of Business Intelligence and Performance Management within one single, easy-to-use and programming-free platform. Those requirements exactly matched the key features and advantages of Board, as Karel De Backer recalls:

“The selection process was based on project requirements that had been defined by our previous experience with Excel model.  From there, we arranged a POC with four software vendors. Board stood out against competitors for its integrated BI and CPM within its all-in-one solution and for its flexibility and ease of defining processes and reports, without the need for coding and with a minimal reliance of support from the IT department. Furthermore, Boardwas able to supply the applications by which we can control our business, integrated with business intelligence, so we can perform sales analysis and income statement budgeting faster and with more sophisticated results than traditional statistical tools.  Board accomplishes all of this within a unified budgeting module with input screens that are differentiated according to various users’ needs, and relying on one single version of the truth.”

Implementation of these projects - successfully driven by Duvel Moortgat’s business controllers in collaboration with Board analysts and KPMG consultants – began with a functional analysis based on existing Excel models and management reporting based on dimensions of the Microsoft Dynamics ERP system.

“The implementation was smooth and lasted about six months. One of the most positive aspects during the projects’ phased implementation was that Board established clear deliverables for themselves, us and KPMG. Furthermore, the Board team provided very clear and regular communication on progress about each part of the project,” said Karel.


The Benefits

Modernization as a guarantee for the future: Board endows Duvel Moortgat with better decision making processes

From the perspective of the company’s overall control model, the information output from Sales planning provided a starting point for the company’s economic-financial planning process which, consequently, “can be developed on the basis of a single version of data, which ensures accessibility to a much broader scope of information. Board has brought benefits and improvement in Finance, Production, Supply Chain, Sales and Marketing areas,” continued De Backer.

The creation of company KPIs and dashboards for P&L, Turnover, Volume and FTE, integrated with budgeting, planning, forecasting and simulation, speeded decision making processes up, and improved the communication and sharing of relevant information throughout the entire organization.  Those improvements all combined to optimize Duvel Moortgat’s sales and distribution strategy:

“The processing time of the actual data has been reduced significantly and now this gives us more time to do reliable, self-service actual analysis, without requiring coding skills and with the highest flexibility and an easy-to-use interface. Board has increased the efficiency of our processes of Income statement budgeting, Sales and investment forecasting & planning,” Karel concludes.