Effective decision-making. Anywhere. Anytime.

Seamlessly plan, analyze, and make better decisions on the fly.

Board’s cutting edge mobile environment puts all the information you need at your fingertips and empowers you to actively drive your organization’s decision-making processes.

Whether you use your desktop, tablet or phone, Board will provide a compelling and consistent user-experience across any device.

Build once and deploy on any device, without coding

The powerful combination of HTML5 technology with a “Toolkit” approach allows users to build applications once, without any coding, and to use them immediately from any device, effortlessly delivering a consistent cross-platform experience.
Interactive reports, graphs, and visualizations translate seamlessly from device to device, making it easy to keep track of activities and performance on the go and drill down further into information when required.

Plan from anywhere with mobile data entry

Board Mobile supports logical data-entry, empowering business users to enter data and instantly see that information updated across dimensions and hierarchies. With Board’s mobile business software, correlated analyses, reports, and KPIs are automatically refreshed in real-time, providing immediate, visual insights into the impact of any changes made across the organization.
Mobile workforces are able to not only run analyses on information using Board’s BI mobile tools, but also actively take part in business decision-making processes thanks to the interactive nature of the solution.

Move Mobile Business Intelligence beyond reporting and analysis

Board empowers organizations to mobilize their decision-making processes, moving beyond pure mobile Business Intelligence applications. A set of unique features – including data-entry, business rules support, menu creation, image embedding, real-time alerting and data updates – makes Board the ideal platform to build and deploy any kind of planning, analysis, simulation, and performance management mobile applications.

Share your insights with ease

With Board Mobile, users can easily share dynamic reports between them, keeping everyone on the same page and driving better collaborative decision-making across the entire enterprise. When authorized, Board Mobile users can also share static reports through e-mail with non-Board users, or instantly publish report snapshots on any social platform, providing information access to those who need it.

Native applications for iPad and Windows

Two mobile apps, one for iPad and one for Windows, complement Board Mobile’s browser-based access. These apps provide a full native user experience and also support offline access to data, allowing business users to work without being connected to a network, even if they are in remote locations or sites.

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