Transform your retail decision making

Drive efficiency, profitability, and clarity from supplier to store with integrated planning and analytics

The screen shows a typical application homepage of a retailer using Board for planning, analytics and budgeting
The screen shows a typical application homepage of a retailer using Board for planning, analytics and budgeting

A unified platform for retail decisions


  • Store performance KPIs
  • Stock positions
  • Sales trends


  • Financial scenarios
  • What-if analysis
  • Closing


  • Merchandising & Category
  • Assortment
  • Replenishment


  • Demand forecasting
  • Predictive analytics
  • Footfall

Combining retail business analytics, retail reporting software, retail forecasting software, and retail planning capabilities in one solution, Board enables retailers to harness their data to make fast, informed decisions and effectively link strategy with execution.

Create transparency with full visibility of financial and operational performance, benefit from detailed analytics on your customers, model the impact of strategic decisions before they’re made, and enable better collaboration in business planning with a completely unified approach.

A tailored solution for any planning and analytics need

Fashion & Luxury

Transform performance across stores, seasons, and SKUs with a one-stop shop for planning and analytics

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Drive financial and operational efficiency from supplier to shelf by unifying analytics, simulation, and planning

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Specialty & Hardlines

Maximize productivity throughout the supply chain with an all-in-one platform for reporting, planning, and forecasting

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Restaurant Chains

Increase profitability and capitalize on customer trends through better planning, forecasting, and analysis

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Exclusive research report: The Beating Heart of Digital Transformation

Retailers are increasingly being compelled to investigate platforms that will strengthen their planning and analytical capabilities across the supply chain, merchandising, assortment, pricing, replenishment, and beyond.

This Retailwire study explores the current adoption level of IBP and analytics in retail and how advanced some retailers have become due to their digital transformation efforts.

Helping leading retailers to achieve digital transformation

Customer success story: Puma

Integrated Planning from Target Setting to Execution

Our Board-based Integrated Planning Solution gives us a clear competitive edge.
Customer success story: KFC UK

Centralized Driver-Based Planning

The planning process that used to take 3-4 weeks is now done in a matter of days.
Customer success story: Conad Nord Ovest Case Study

Unified Management Control, Budgeting, and Sales Analysis

Using Board has enabled us to integrate all the information from different sources within a single environment… thereby simplifying our reporting procedures.

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