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Sales performance management: Board software's homepage
The screen shows the homepage of a Sales Performance Management application built with Board

As planning, monitoring, BI, and analytics activities within the Sales function become increasingly complex, involving a greater number of internal and external stakeholders, it is paramount for everyone involved to have access to the most accurate and up-to-date information.

The essential tool for sales performance management

Sales Planning

Enhance sales budgeting, quota and territory planning, and sales forecasting processes

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Sales Analytics

Foster sales analytics capabilities and extract business insights from data

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Incentive and Compensation Management

Automate the process of planning, analyzing, and managing sales force incentives and compensation

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CRM Integration

Unleash all the value of your CRM data to drive better sales planning and analytics

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Board’s sales performance management software enables sales professionals to undertake all of their planning & control, reporting, simulation, business intelligence, and advanced analytics activities in a single platform, supporting full integration with transactional/legacy systems and extensive collaboration with all corporate functions.

Roll out quota and territory plans, monitor and control adherence of effective sales results with respect to target values, revise sales budgeting figures acknowledging actual commercial data, enhance forecasting capabilities with predictive analytics tools, properly manage incentives and compensation schemes for the entire sales force, and make out the most of all your CRM information through seamless data integration.

Improving sales performance management with technology

Effectively managing sales performance requires immediate access to accurate data and the ability to rapidly optimize and re-optimize plans to suit changing market conditions.

In this short video, Robert Kugel, CFA, Senior Vice-President and Research Director at Ventana Research, explores what you should look for in a sales planning solution.

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Board is number one Sales Planning software according to Dresner Advisory
Board has been named the Number 1 Sales Planning Software by Dresner Advisory
Recognized as the #1 Sales Planning platform

Board achieved first place based on scores for 27 sales planning capabilities in Dresner Advisory’s 2020 Wisdom of Crowds® Market Study

Customer success story: GSK Consumer Healthcare Italy

Streamlining Sales and Promotion Planning at GSK Consumer Healthcare Italy

Thanks to Board’s customer-based planning with Integrated Business Planning (IBP) approach, the interaction between the functions has undoubtedly improved: all the channels are unified into a single tool. All this has increased the percentage of business targets that we are achieving.
gsk and board software

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