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If supply chain and operations leaders are to effectively manage soaring complexity in corporate processes and relationships with internal and external stakeholders, they need access to the most accurate, up-to-date information at all times.

The essential tool for global supply chain planning and analytics

The unified Board decision-making platform enables supply chain and operations professionals to monitor and control the entire supply chain, set up a sound and consistent practice within supply planning, integrate operational planning with financial planning, and consolidate facts and figures which convey value creation.

Supply Chain Control Tower

Drive visibility, monitoring & control, and proactivity along the entire corporate supply chain with an integrated approach.

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Sales & Operations Planning

Align supply & demand and integrate key operations value drivers with business and financial variables.

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Demand Planning

Enhance customer demand planning through predictive analytics capabilities within a machine learning environment.

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Supply Planning

Foster planning capabilities across procurement, production, and warehousing.

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Rough-Cut Capacity Planning

Accomplish capacity planning to meet supply planning requirements.

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Helping leading organizations to transform supply chain and operations activities

Customer success story: Puma

Integrated Planning, Reporting, and Analytics

With Board we have significantly increased the accuracy and speed of our forecasting and are now in the position to continuously balance supply and demand. Our Board-based Integrated Planning Solution gives us a clear competitive edge.
Puma - customer teaser
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Improving business efficiency with a global supply chain planning solution
Integrated Corporate Planning at Coca-Cola European Partners
Transforming the financial control of the supply chain
Integrated Business Planning and Reporting at Gigaset
Moving from SAP IP (Integrated Planning) and APO DP (Demand Planning) to a better way of planning
Integrated Sales & Operations Planning at KUKA
Linking supply chain planning with strategy, sales, and production