Business Agility at Enterprise scale

The Board platform was conceived to offer full self-services capabilities to business users, while ensuring all the scalability, security and data-governance capabilities that IT needs to deploy and support large scale business intelligence and planning projects.
Furthermore, Board’s “toolkit approach” offers unrivalled speed in application building, customization and maintenance, ensuring a “Time to Solution” and a “Total Cost of Ownership” that is unachievable with traditional BI and CPM solutions on the market.

A unified all-in-one platform

Unlike most Business Intelligence and Performance Management products, Board was conceived, designed and developed from its inception as a unified platform for decision-making, offering all the Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics and Planning capabilities you need in a single environment.

With Board, you will be able to build applications that combine analysis, planning, simulation and forecasting, all with the following:

Single logical view of data
(across Board MDB and external RDBM)
Single and shared metadata across any kind of solution delivered
(BI, PM, Analytics)
Single User Interface
Single Security
Single Administrative Environment
Single Visual Modeling development environment

The new frontier of in-memory performance

At its core, the Board platform is based on a revolutionary proprietary in-memory data management technology called HBMP.
HBMP technology was conceived with a precise and extremely ambitious goal: to exploit the full potential of in-memory computing (IMC) in terms of better performance, while improving the flexibility, reliability and scalability needed to effectively support decision-making processes with thousands of users and terabytes of data.
The result is a disruptive solution that overcomes the limitations of today BI and Data Discovery in-memory technologies. The Board platform combines pure analytical performance with the data-entry and agile modelling capabilities required to support enterprise-scale simulation and planning processes.

Scale applications across the globe, 24 X 7

Board offers an advanced In-Memory Server Cluster architecture that allows Board server workloads to be shared on a virtually unlimited number of nodes. This functionality ensures horizontal scalability with read and write support. In this way Board provides cutting-edge technological resolutions to the architectural problems usually experienced in large and geographically distributed implementations, such as large data volumes, high numbers of users, 24 X 7 availability, management of simultaneous processes and geo-latency.

Multiple layers of security

Board’s multi-layer security model is built to meet the most severe security requirements of any organization.
A first authentication layer, supporting full integration with Windows, LDAP or PKI methods, ensures that only verified users are granted access to the system.
A second authorization layer combines data access security with application privileges and action permissions, providing pervasive, granular, cell-level data security that can be easily personalized for each individual, user role, and user group.
An advanced security management environment enables users to delegate security administration to other key users, decentralizing the security model to perfectly adapt it to complex organizational structures.

Integrate and Federate data across any data source

Through its physical and logical Multidimensional Databases, Board provides a single metadata gateway that allows any data to be used as if it was native to Board.
Data is normalized and organized in Board data models, allowing end-users to read, write, and update them regardless of data sources. Behind the scenes, administrators have the freedom to decide which data to store in Board’s multi-dimensional databases, and which to leave in place and manage through Board’s data-federation capabilities.
Board’s DUAL Engine automatically manages the two different options, providing business users with a single and seamless view of the data. This model also applies to data-entry processes; in fact Board supports write-back not only on its data model, but also directly to relational data sources.

A quick route to your data

Board offers a comprehensive set of pre-built dedicated data connectors that minimize the time and effort required to access the most popular data sources. From relational databases to cloud applications and Big Data to cloud data stores, it doesn’t matter which data you tap, nor where it is stored, Board empowers you to rapidly and effortlessly use it.